Turtle Hollow Dressage
Welcome To Turtle Hollow Dressage

We are excited to have you join us and
learn more about us!

We are dedicated to the education and
development of our riders and horses. By
utilizing positive reinforcement, understanding
natural horse behavior and reactions, we
strive to develop the most individualized and
kind techniques geared towards each unique
horse and rider.

No horse or rider combination is
identical, and neither is our approach to
each partnership
We specialize in riders seeking
to improve their work with
their horse.
We have a small breeding
program developing rideability
AND ability.
We develop strengths and
build on them through
correct basics.
Looking for your special partner?

We have access to horses that help you achieve
your goals, whether relaxed training at home
or competitive experience at shows. We strive to
emphasize rideability to develop the talent that
all our horses can offer you!
Looking to expand your training

We operate in Connecticut during the late
spring through early winter, when we move
our training to Vero Beach, Florida. The
peaceful setting of Vero Beach is located
mid-point between the busy Wellington and
Loxahatchee activities and the more relaxed
Central Florida competitions. Contact us to
find out more about joining us in either
location or to book your clinic